Find, search, and apply for the right dealership job

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You’ve decided it’s time to move on from your current role in a truck or farm machinery dealership and start applying for new jobs elsewhere. However, whether you’ve been looking for a new position for a while or you’re just starting out on your job search, it can be difficult to know which jobs are worth applying for.

To streamline the process and help you apply for the roles you might be a good chance for, we’ve pulled together some tips to help you identify the type of job you want, narrow down your job search, and target the jobs you’re a good fit for.

Identify the ‘why’

The most valuable thing you can do for yourself when starting a job search is understand ‘why’ you want to find a new role.
Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to expand your skill set? Do you need a change of pace? Are you simply looking for more money? Whatever your motivations are, it’s important to clearly identify them from the get-go. This will help you avoid confusion about whether you’re making the right decision once you’re further into the process.
If you’re unsure what your key motivators are, it could help to think about what would need to change about your role at your current or previous dealership to make you want to stay, then work backwards from there.

It’s almost certain that you’ll be asked why you’re leaving your current role at some point during the recruitment process. It’s beneficial to have some clarity around this before you start applying for roles, as your response will tell a potential employer a lot about how genuine your intentions are and what they need to offer to entice you to join their dealership.

Be selective

Once you understand your ‘why’, make sure the jobs you’re looking at tick that box. Many job hunters adopt the mindset that the more jobs they apply for, the better their chances of getting something will be—however, that’s not necessarily the case.
Find, search, and apply for the right dealership job
Adopting a scattergun approach to applying for jobs rarely yields the best result, as your applications won’t be tailored to the role and they’ll do a poor job selling you. Recruiters can tell the difference between a generic application and an application that’s been carefully developed for the specific position, and it’s often an easy way for recruiters to weed out candidates that aren’t overly interested.

While a role may look like a good fit at first glance, take some time to consider if it’s really what you’re looking for before investing the effort to apply.

Limiting your applications to no more than three positions at any one time will make it easier to track the roles you apply for. It can also help you make a better impression if you are contacted by a recruiting manager, as you’ll immediately know which role they’re contacting you about and do a much better job of selling yourself.

Read the job ad closely

While it may seem obvious, make sure you take the time to read through the entire job advertisement.
Recruiters often receive a high volume of applications from candidates who haven’t made the effort to read the full advertisement and have simply shot off yet another generic application. For this reason, it’s become common practice among recruiters to test to see if an applicant has read the entire advertisement.
In addition to requesting the usual cover letter, resume, and written responses to a couple of questions, recruiters may also request the candidate to do something a little out of the ordinary. For example, they may ask you to mention the name of your first pet or your favourite Star Wars character in your application.

This can be a quick and easy way for recruiters to cull lukewarm candidates and hone in on the ones that have made the effort to carefully prepare their application.

Nail the application

You also need to make sure your application is on point.
The cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself—keep it short, make it specific, and personalise it by highlighting any dealership or other experience you have which is relevant to the skills and responsibilities listed in the position description.

When preparing your resume, try and keep it to no more than 2-3 pages and make sure you list all the dealerships you’ve worked at, when you worked there, and a brief overview of your duties. If you’ve only had one long-term employer, list the individual roles or positions you held within that dealership and clarify any ‘grey areas’ that might be confusing (such as a change of business name).

There are few other things you can also do to help yourself stand out from the crowd:
  • Update your LinkedIn profile: Flesh out the information on your profile as it’s common for recruiters to use it as a tool to find out more about you. It helps them to humanise your application and can provide a valuable opportunity to showcase what you do. Some candidates even like to use LinkedIn to do their own research to gain some insights about the dealership or position they’re applying for.
  • Be smart about what you post on social media: While your personal social media accounts shouldn’t impact your application, always assume that a potential employer will look at your social media profiles. If there’s anything that you wouldn’t want them to see, either delete it or change your privacy settings.
  • Make it personal: Make sure your application highlights your most valuable traits as well as the unique skills and experience you will bring to the role and dealership.
  • Don’t forget your admin: All too often, candidates focus so much of their attention on preparing their application that they forget to take care of basic administration, like remembering to attach their resume when they submit an application. Simple mistakes like this can detract from your application and make it harder to stand out to a recruiter.

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