Second glance, second chance: why you should leap on that reposted job ad

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Ah, the reposted job ad. It sits there, beckoning from your job search results or job alert, a familiar yet slightly mysterious entity. Should you apply? Or is it a sign to steer clear? Well, before you hit “delete” with a sigh, hold on! A reposted job ad isn’t always a bad omen. In fact, there are several reasons why it might actually be a hidden gem.

Fresh eyes, fresh start

Let’s face it, the first time you saw the ad, you might have been in a different headspace. Maybe you were just browsing and not actively searching, or perhaps a specific detail didn’t quite click that day. This time around, you can approach the ad with a fresh perspective and renewed clarity and see the potential it holds.

Second glance, second chance: why you should leap on that reposted job ad
The right person left

Sometimes, companies repost even fantastic jobs simply because they haven’t found the perfect fit. This could be your chance to stand out! Take time to tailor your application to the specific needs highlighted in the reposted ad, showcasing how your skills and experience perfectly align with what they’re looking for.

Hidden gems within

A repost can unearth valuable insights. Have they updated the job description? Did they clarify the responsibilities or benefits? Pay close attention to these changes, as they might reveal hidden perks or a deeper understanding of the role, making it even more appealing.

Beyond the surface

Don’t let the “reposted” label deter you. Dig deeper to understand the context and see it as a second chance to make a strong impression.
Here are some tips:

  • Connect with the recruiter:
    Reach out directly and express your interest. Ask clarifying questions and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. Show them you’re proactive and genuinely interested.

  • Refine your application:
    Rethink your resume and cover letter. Adapt them to the updated information and emphasise how your skills and experience address the specific challenges mentioned in the reposted ad.

  • Highlight your value:
    Go beyond basic qualifications. Showcase your transferable skills, your passion for the industry, and your eagerness to learn and contribute. Prove you’re the perfect fit, even if your background isn’t a perfect match.

Remember, a reposted job ad isn’t a dead end – it’s a doorway to a potential hidden gem. So, instead of scrolling past, take a second glance, grab this second chance, and apply with confidence. You might just surprise yourself with the rewards that await!

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Embrace the second chance that a reposted job ad offers. Apply with your best foot forward, and you might just land the hidden gem you’ve been dreaming of.

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