Resignation vs termination – how to deal with changes in employment

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There are a wide variety of reasons to explain why someone might finish up with an employer. Whether the employer terminates the contract of employment or the employee resigns, there are lots of possible explanations. As recruiters, we need to understand the reasons behind a termination or resignation.

Be transparent

If you are a candidate on our database and not currently working, we need to know. If you resign from your position, it’s important for us to know why. Clients need to know if you are currently working, and if you’re not that’s okay – but transparency is essential. If we cannot explain your current situation, it’s not a good start. The first impression a client gets needs to be clear, informative and it needs to marry up with what you discuss in an interview. If you tell us you were terminated because of a difference in opinion with the General Manager, and then at the interview you say it was due to a downturn in business, we have instant red flags. If you cannot be honest and answer with integrity, it can be difficult for recruiters to support you. Time frames are also important. If your employment was terminated during a probation period, the reasons can be very different to those of a termination after many years of employment.

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Don’t dwell

If your employment (most recent role or any role) was terminated, try not to dwell on it. We can appreciate that if you’ve been let go, it might be difficult not to take it personally. Look at the situation, the feedback received and consider what could be done differently. Dwelling on it can lead to resentment, and you don’t want to be blurting out all of your frustrations in a job interview.

Going into too much detail is a common mistake. There’s a good chance you’ll be asked why your employment finished up, so be honest and keep it short and sweet. Complaining will get you nowhere and will certainly not look good in the eyes of the interviewer. Take responsibility and do not blame or point fingers.

This can be a sensitive topic, so honesty is always the best policy. If you need more information please feel free to contact us.

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