Don’t use your work contact details on your resume (but not for the reason you think)

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We all know the golden rule: don’t list your work phone number or email address on your resume. But why? 

Well, the last thing you want is your boss and coworkers overhearing your conversations with potential new employers! But today, we’re urging you to consider another key reason why using work contact details can actually hurt your long-term career prospects.

Don't use your work contact details on your resume (but not for the reason you think)

What if your dream job tries to find you...and can't?

Here’s the scenario: picture yourself a year, maybe two years down the road. You’re settled into a job you like and aren’t actively looking for a new role. Suddenly, an opportunity you would have jumped at back when you were job hunting appears! It could even be from a company you applied to unsuccessfully before. They remember your application, liked your profile, and want to see if you’re interested.

If that previous application had your current work contact info, they’re stuck. A quick call or email to the number listed just leads to your current employer. Imagine this happening with several missed opportunities, just because of your outdated resume!

Think long term, not just right now

Getting calls from recruiters during work hours isn’t ideal – no one wants that awkward mid-meeting phone buzz! But think about building a network for your career, not just the job search of the moment.

Here’s what to do:

  • Personal email always: Create a professional-sounding personal email address solely for job hunting. This has the added bonus of making it easier to keep track of any relevant emails about current job opportunities.

  • Consider a pre-paid mobile number: This gives you a separate phone number that forwards to your main one, letting you screen calls more easily.

  • Update your resume regularly: Even when you’re not job-hunting, refreshing your resume every few months helps you keep track of accomplishments and ensures your contact info is current.

  • Leverage LinkedIn: Make yourself visible to recruiters even when you’re not actively looking. It’s like having an ‘always-on’ resume ready for interested parties.
Stay on the radar: partner with a specialised recruiter

Don’t want to actively job hunt, but open to exciting possibilities? Registering with a recruiter specialising in your field is a smart move. They’ll stay in touch with relevant openings, saving you time and effort. Ensure it’s a reputable agency that knows your industry inside and out!

For those focused on agricultural equipment dealerships, truck dealerships, or construction equipment, Teamrecruit has the network and expertise you need. Register your resume with us to stay one step ahead in your career.

Let us do the work for you!

Think of a specialised recruiter as an extension of your job search efforts. While you work hard in your current role, they keep an eye out for opportunities perfect for your skills and experience.

The lesson: think like a recruiter

If a recruiter or hiring manager loves your resume, they want to reach you easily. Make sure they can – so the job opportunity finds you, not the other way around. After all, you never know when that dream job will pop up!

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