Saying no in the workplace

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Very few people consider the benefits of saying “no” in the workplace, as it goes against everything we know. But just hear us out and read on.
It can be tempting to go into ‘yes mode’ when you’re trying to get ahead at work because you want to prove yourself, demonstrate your skills and get noticed. However, there are some benefits to saying no at the right time and in the right situation.

Too much yes

If you say ‘yes’ to too many projects or tasks, you risk spreading yourself too thin which leads to fatigue and mistakes. This creates MORE work, when you must correct your mistakes. Not to mention, there’s only so many hours in a working week. So, consider what you say yes to, and the impact that can have on your workload.

You can compromise

If you are presented with a genuinely urgent project or task, you can negotiate to achieve the best outcome. If you are the one who must complete that task, consider getting support on another task that can be completed by another team member. For example, if a customer arrives unannounced who has had warranty issues (and only wants to deal with you), attend to them straight away. If you were updating ROs in the DMS or filing paperwork, ask someone else who isn’t with a customer to help you out.

Look at low priorities

Discuss with your manager any tasks that you feel could be better managed by someone else. In the same vein, offer to do other tasks that you feel you’re more efficient with and capable of doing. It’s important that when you suggest dispersing any of your tasks that you also offer to take something else on, otherwise you can look slack which won’t help when you’re trying to prove yourself.
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