Will that job offer provide real opportunity for progression?

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Would you apply for a job if they told you upfront that it offered no scope for growth, no opportunity for development or no possibility of advancement? Chances are, probably not.
Unfortunately, this can be the reality when you accept a role with some employers.
Most employers understand that scope for progression is something employees value greatly, so they say all the things they think you want to hear; but how can you tell if they’ll actually walk the walk or if it’s all just a bunch of empty claims?

While you can’t always know for sure, there are a few things you can do to get a more accurate picture of whether an employer will be able to offer real scope for progression.

Will that job offer provide real opportunity for progression?

Look online to see how other employees have faired

Professional networking sites like LinkedIn have made it easy for outsiders to get a perspective of the type of opportunities offered within a dealership.
Not only will it give you visibility of the type and diversity of roles that currently exist within the business, but you’ll also be able to see the work history of current and previous employees. You’ll be able to get an idea of any specialist training or development opportunities they were given (if any) and how long they held a role for before being able to move into a different position.

While every worker is different and not everyone will have earnt their stripes to be able to progress within the company, keep your eyes peeled for trends. If no current or previous employees list any extra training, qualifications, experience, or promotions they gained while working for the dealership, there’s a good chance it’s because the opportunities were never actually there.

Ask the right questions

The interview is your opportunity to put some tough questions to the employer to find out if they can really back up their claims.
Simply asking for an example of something a high performer within the business did recently that exemplifies why they’re a high performer or asking for an example of how high performers within the dealership are rewarded can unlock a wealth of information.
If the employer struggles to provide examples, that could be a red flag that they either don’t pay much attention to individual staff performance, make an effort to recognise high performing workers, or provide real reward for employees who exceed expectations.
Without their supposed values being put into action, there’s a good chance it will become be a major cause of frustration for hard-working employees looking to advance their career if their efforts seemingly go unnoticed.

Take a close look at what the role involves

 It’s true that not every employer will provide real scope for progression. It could be that they lack the budget to fund additional training and development programs, or they may simply be too small to offer the promotional opportunities.
Even if you consider yourself to be ambitious, don’t write an employer off immediately. It’s important to remember that long-term growth and career progression doesn’t necessarily have to be with a single employer.
Even if there may not be any scope for further progression within that dealership, take a good look at what the role entails and consider whether it could help you fill any gaps in your existing professional repertoire. In many cases, accepting the job could help you develop new skills that will build out your resume and open the door for other opportunities in the future.
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