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Securing a new role with the perfect fit is hard enough in your local market. So when you’re looking to relocate, finding a new position in a new area can be tough. You face the added challenge of competing in a market that you aren’t familiar with and you’re usually searching for a role before you move, making it difficult to attend interviews in person.

 The good news is that there are plenty of techniques and ideas you can employ to set yourself up for success in a new market.

Prove why you’re worth it

Our clients want a smooth and fast transition, and often our clients need someone immediately or very quickly. This is grounds for favouring local candidates, but if you can demonstrate your ability to make a quick start and communicate how you’ll meet the immediate needs of the organisation and role – you’re in with a good chance. Things like having friends or family that you can stay with can support your application, so don’t be afraid to mention it. Alleviate any uncertainties anywhere you can.

Plan ahead

If you’re looking to relocate, make sure you’re ready to go at the drop of a hat before you start applying for jobs. Make sure you’ve got the moving costs covered, and that you’ve got somewhere to stay if you need to move before you secure somewhere to live. Research the area, and if you’re in a hotel for a couple of weeks, make sure you’re able to cover those expenses too.

Get Skype

Telephone interviews are great for a first impression, but if you’re interviewing from out of state, our clients would usually prefer to see you via a video interview. Your appearance, body language and verbal skills are imperative – the client needs to ‘meet’ you before they commit to flights for a face-to-face interview. Get Skype and know how to use it. If you already have a current Skype account, and your username is not appropriate – set up a new account for the interview. Skype calls need a strong internet connection and a quiet place, position yourself in a tidy location so the background is not distracting.
Ultimately, showing flexibility and initiative will position you for success. For more specific information on relocation, feel free to contact us to organise a chat.
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