Ever hesitated to apply because you didn’t have every skill listed?

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Scrolling through job ads, it’s easy to get discouraged. You see the perfect role, but then your eyes land on that list of “must-haves”, and a few don’t quite match your experience. Do you still throw your hat in the ring?

The answer might surprise you. Many employers in the truck, machinery, and equipment industries are more flexible than their job postings suggest. Don’t let those requirements automatically hold you back!

Ever hesitated to apply because you didn't have every skill listed?

Why list skills if they're not deal-breakers?

Employers often start with their ideal candidate – the ‘unicorn’ with every skill imaginable. But in the real world, finding someone who ticks every single box is rare. As applications come in, priorities shift. They might discover that:

  • Transferable skills matter:
    Experience with similar equipment or problem-solving in a related field often translates well.

  • Attitude is key:
    Enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic can outweigh a minor skills gap.

  • The market is tight:
    When great candidates are scarce, employers become open to those who can grow into the role.

How to boost your chances even without a perfect match

If you’re a good fit for most of the requirements, it’s worth applying! Here’s how to stand out:

  • Tailor your application:
    Don’t just send a generic resume. Highlight skills that directly align with the job, even if they come from a slightly different context.

  • Cover letter magic:
    The cover letter is your chance to explain gaps, show your passion, and even suggest how you’d quickly get up to speed in a new area.

  • Be proactive:
    Can’t tell if a missing skill is a deal-breaker? Reach out to the recruiter for clarification. Showing initiative makes a good impression and shows how keen you are for the position.

A note for those facing additional barriers

Studies show that women and those from diverse backgrounds are more likely to hesitate to apply unless they meet 100% of the criteria. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back! Your unique perspective and transferable skills could be exactly what an employer needs.

Remember, the perfect resume on paper doesn’t always get the job. Employers value adaptability, drive, and a genuine interest in the industry. If you have the core skills and the right attitude, don’t be afraid to apply – you might just land your dream role!

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