Stop eliminating perfectly good candidates by asking them the wrong questions

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Recruitment is a critical process for any business, especially in industries like ours where skilled professionals are essential for success. Finding the right candidates can be a challenging task, but it’s equally important to ensure that you’re not eliminating perfectly good candidates by asking the wrong questions during the interview process.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of asking the right questions and provide guidance on how to improve your interview strategy to make sure you’re not missing out on great talent.

The cost of asking the wrong questions

Working at a machinery dealership or OEM, you understand the value of having employees who are not only competent at their role but also a good fit for the company culture. However, asking the wrong questions during interviews can have detrimental effects on your hiring process, causing you to miss out on the perfect person for your team.

Stop eliminating perfectly good candidates by asking them the wrong questions
Limiting diversity: Asking biased or inappropriate questions can discourage diverse candidates from applying to jobs or succeeding in interviews. This can lead to a less inclusive workplace, which ultimately hinders your company’s growth and innovation.
Missing key skills: Focusing on the wrong questions might cause you to overlook candidates with valuable skills and experience. You could be eliminating individuals who could bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your team.
Negative reputation: Word spreads quickly in industries like ours, and if your agency gains a reputation for asking inappropriate or irrelevant questions, you might deter top talent from working with you in the future.

Tips for asking the right questions

To ensure you’re not excluding great candidates, here are some tips on asking the right questions during interviews:

Focus on skills and experience: Tailor your questions to assess the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experience relevant to the position. For instance, ask about specific technical skills, project experiences, or certifications that are crucial for success in truck, earthmoving, access equipment or farm machinery dealerships/OEMs.

Behavioural questions:
Use behavioural questions to understand how candidates have handled situations in the past. For example, you could ask, “Can you describe a challenging project you worked on and how you resolved any issues that arose?”

Cultural fit: Inquire about the candidate’s values and work style to ensure they align with your company culture. For instance, you could ask, “What kind of work environment do you thrive in?”.

Avoid personal and inappropriate questions: Steer clear of questions that delve into a candidate’s personal life, such as marital status, family planning, or religion. These questions are not only inappropriate but also legally questionable.

Open-ended questions: Ask open-ended questions that encourage candidates to provide detailed responses. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of their qualifications and thought processes.

In the competitive world of OEMs and equipment dealerships, finding the right candidates is essential for a successful business. However, it’s equally crucial to ensure that you’re not eliminating perfectly good candidates by asking them the wrong questions during interviews.

By focusing on skills, experience, behavioural assessments, and cultural fit, you can improve your recruitment process and attract top talent that will contribute to your company’s growth and prosperity. Remember, asking the right questions is not just about selecting the best candidates: it’s also about building a workplace that values diversity, inclusion, and professional growth.

Make the necessary changes to your interview strategy today, and you’ll be on your way to assembling a team of skilled and motivated individuals who will drive your business forward.

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