Dealership Candidate Availability Update – September 2021

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With a large chunk of Australia’s population currently under lockdown and border restrictions hampering movement between states and causing economic uncertainty, it’s no surprise that less candidates are applying for jobs.
SEEK recently found that “31% of employees say they’ve cancelled their plans to switch jobs due to COVID-19”, which we would certainly agree with. We are speaking with a lot of candidates who are deciding to stay where they are because they are concerned about the economy and are hesitant to make a change.
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Closed borders also mean candidates can’t easily move interstate to start a new job, so if you’re in a state with strict border controls, your options from an already limited and specialised candidate pool are significantly reduced.
As a result, employers are doing whatever they can to not only attract the best talent but keep the ones they have. Over the last few months, we have seen a large increase in counteroffers from employers who would rather give an existing employee a pay rise than going to the job market.

What does this mean for you?

Now is the time to stand out more from your opposition. Think about why someone would want to work for you over your competitors. What are your selling points? What non-salary benefits can you offer? We have articles on our website about how to attract the best candidates to your dealership and finding the right candidate for your dealership which include some great tips.
But most importantly, if you have a lead on a good candidate, you need to act fast to keep them on the hook. We are still seeing dealers lose great candidates because they take too long to organise interviews or job offers. Our advice: don’t leave it more than 24 hours to give a potential new hire an update.
While applications across the job market are down, we are still seeing success by tapping into our industry database of candidates. A lot of our passive candidates are still interested in hearing about unique and exciting opportunities, and we are still actively placing these people in the industry.
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