Onboarding millennials: attracting and keeping top talent in your dealership

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Millennials, the generation born roughly between 1981 and 1996, now make up a significant portion of the workforce. As dealerships face increasing competition for skilled employees, understanding how to engage and retain this generation is crucial for long-term success. Here’s how to create an onboarding experience that resonates with millennials and sets them up for a fulfilling career in your dealership.

Understand their mindset

Digital natives: Millennials are the first generation to grow up immersed in technology. Incorporate digital platforms, e-learning modules, and online communication tools into your onboarding process. Consider apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and knowledge sharing.

The importance of “why”: Beyond the job tasks, millennials want to know how their role contributes to the bigger picture. Emphasise your dealership’s mission, values, and impact on the community.

Feedback loop: This generation thrives on regular feedback. Schedule frequent check-ins with new hires to provide guidance, celebrate early wins, and address concerns.

Agility and growth: Millennials value opportunities for growth and career development. Outline clear paths for advancement and support their participation in training programmes.

Tailor your onboarding

Personalise the welcome: Move beyond standard welcome packs. Gather a few insights about their interests and include a small, relevant welcome gift. This shows you value them as individuals.

Mentorship matters: Pair new hires with experienced mentors. Millennials benefit from guidance, and it creates a sense of community within the dealership.

Bite-sized learning: Break down training into shorter, focused modules. Mix up formats with videos, interactive quizzes, and hands-on demonstrations to maintain engagement.

Early wins: Assign projects that offer a chance for early success. This builds confidence and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

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Create a culture of connection

Embrace collaboration: Millennials appreciate teamwork and collaborative environments. Encourage team-building activities and cross-departmental projects.

Celebrate together: Host regular social events, both formal and informal, to foster a sense of belonging and connection within the dealership.

Recognition and reward: Publicly recognise achievements, both large and small. Millennials appreciate positive reinforcement, and it boosts their morale.

Flexibility when possible: Offer flexible work arrangements where feasible. This demonstrates trust and shows a commitment to work-life balance, something important to this generation.

Key takeaways

Onboarding millennials doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Strategic adjustments, a focus on personalised experiences, and a continuous feedback loop will make a significant difference. Invest in onboarding that resonates with this generation, and you’ll reap the benefits of a motivated, engaged, and loyal workforce.

Remember: onboarding doesn’t end after the first week – it’s an ongoing process. By investing time and effort in supporting and developing millennial employees, you create a win-win situation for both your dealership and its newest talent.

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