Quirky interview questions to break the ice and get more out of your candidates

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How’s your current interview question selection looking? If they’re a bit stale and you want to throw in some quirky questions to have some fun and reveal some extra information about a person in an unconventional way, read on for some great examples! We’ve scoured the internet and compiled some examples of questions and what you should look for in the answers.

Will you drive us in my car to get coffee right now?

In the dealership industry, this question should be a no-brainer. It will also indicate whether they can handle being peppered with questions while driving, an essential skill for Sales Consultants.

Who is our Dealer Principal or General Manager?

Also ask them how to pronounce their name. This simply demonstrates they’ve actually researched the company. If you are the DP, try asking something else that you think they should know from pre-interview research.

Use a swear word to describe your last or current job

Also phrased, “what is your favourite curse word? Use it in a sentence about your last job.” People who say “I don’t swear” probably have tickets on themselves. You’re looking for an answer like “The company had a sh*t-hot strategy that I was largely responsible for developing.” We like this one because it gives the candidate an opportunity to answer with something really positive.

How much does this nail cost?

Set the scene. Tell the candidate that a hammer and a nail cost $1.10, and the hammer costs one dollar more than the nail. Pause, then ask them how much the nail costs. If they quickly blurt out “10 cents”, they’re not paying attention. There’s only one correct answer here, so it’s not a question of how they answer, but how they handle any delay as they work it out. Try it out with your colleagues, we did!

What would your previous boss change about you?

Often produces surprisingly honest responses. It’s a variation on the often-seen “what’s your biggest weakness?” question, but requires candidates to produce a specific example.

What would you take to a desert island?

Clearly designed to test both resourcefulness and imagination, this can be helpful in a sales environment during down time, when leads are slow. Resourcefulness links to initiative, and initiative drives sales.

What's your 90-day plan if you get the job?

This should determine whether the candidate understands the responsibilities of the role. It also demands they explain how they would improve and enhance that position. 90 days is adequate to determine the suitability of a new recruit so they’ll essentially be explaining why they will be worth keeping.

Tell the story of the last time you apologised to someone

This question exposes a candidate’s willingness to admit to mistakes, an important skill in sales, service parts, administration – any department for that matter. Red flag: look out for anyone who says they’ve never had to apologise. You can ask about how they apologised and – even more importantly – what they did afterwards to rectify the issue. This will give you an indication of their customer service skills.
If you decide to try any of these questions, we suggest you use just one or two. Too many abstract questions can throw a candidate off. If used wisely, these questions can provide very interesting insight. Good luck!
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