Mutual interviewing – it’s not just about you

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Far too often, employers approach interviewing with the wrong mindset by getting caught in the “who will I choose” trap, usually as a result of the interviewer’s perceived position of power. If you find you are spending most of the interview qualifying the candidate’s entries in their resume, only at the last minute to offer the obligatory “do you have any questions for me?”, you’re not taking full advantage of the time you have with the candidate.
If you are looking for the best candidate you can find, chances are that person has one or two other interviews or options open to them. If you approach this type of candidate with the above mindset, you’re likely going to burn the candidate by coming across as authoritarian or distant.
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Interviewing is not a one-way street. Throughout the interview (and even before the interview takes place), the candidate is evaluating the organisation and thinking critically about whether it is the right opportunity for them.
So how do you get the most out of an interview? Firstly, read the candidate’s resume again before the interview. If there are important characteristics that need to be satisfied for the role, highlight areas of the candidate’s resume that deal with those areas so they can be discussed. Having already read the resume and identified the important aspects for performance, you should be able to assess the candidate’s skills, capabilities and overall suitability within the first 20 to 30 minutes.
Once you have identified that the candidate is suitable, you need to switch from candidate assessor to company ambassador. The candidate has successfully sold their abilities to you, now you need to sell your organisation to them. Identify the benefits of working for the organisation, tell them the history of the firm and where it sees itself in the future.  Wherever possible, try to make this section of the interview more of a dialogue than a monologue.
Now we come to the most important question you need to ask – “how would you feel about working with us?”. If you have created adequate excitement for the position, you will hopefully be met with a favourable response. If the candidate hesitates or has further questions, at least you are presented with an opportunity to identify and understand their concerns. Is the money not enough, did the job advertisement indicate something different?
In any event, rather than the typical one-sided interview you have now assessed the candidate, allowed them to learn about your organisation and have sought to gauge how interested the candidate is in taking on the role.
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