Revving up your engines: hiring diversity in the dealership world

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Diversity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a competitive advantage. In the fast-paced, customer-centric landscape of dealerships, embracing a wider range of perspectives and experiences can fuel innovation, strengthen relationships, and ultimately drive revenue. But achieving true diversity in hiring goes beyond platitudes and requires careful implementation, starting from the top down.

Steering from the decision makers

Diversity initiatives can only truly flourish when nurtured at the highest levels. Your leadership team sets the tone for the entire organisation. If they view diversity as an afterthought and a mere box to tick, the ripple effect will lead to lukewarm efforts and ineffective results. 

Conversely, when leadership genuinely champions diversity and demand tangible steps towards inclusivity, the entire dealership team will rally behind the cause. Remember, the priorities of those in charge become everyone’s priorities.

Revving up your engines: hiring diversity in the dealership world

Shifting gears: setting measurable goals

Wishing for a diverse workforce won’t make it happen. You need concrete roadmaps, not wishful thinking. Establish clear, attainable diversity goals for hiring managers and recruiters. Aiming for a certain percentage of interviews with underrepresented groups is a commendable starting point. 

Regularly track progress against these benchmarks, and publicly recognise successes to maintain momentum. Transparency and accountability are key to keeping the engine of diversity humming.

Recognising unconscious biases

We all have unconscious biases, and hiring managers are no exception. Studies show that we tend to gravitate towards candidates who resemble ourselves. To combat this ingrained tendency, invest in unconscious bias training for everyone involved in the hiring process. Additionally, diversify your interview panels themselves. Bringing together a wide range of voices reduces the echo chamber effect of unconscious bias and ensures a more comprehensive assessment of candidates.

Rewriting the road rules: rethink job requirements

Sometimes, the very qualifications we list on job descriptions can unintentionally become roadblocks for diverse candidates. Reassess whether every listed requirement is absolutely essential for the job. Could a college degree be substituted for relevant certifications or proven on-the-job experience? Can critical thinking assessments replace a specific number of years of experience, especially when coupled with robust training programs? By loosening your grip on rigid requirements, you open the door to a wider pool of talent from diverse backgrounds, allowing you to build a stronger, more adaptable workforce.

Building diverse teams, driving success

Implementing these changes takes effort, but the rewards are substantial. A diverse workforce brings fresh perspectives, fosters richer customer relationships, and ultimately positions your dealership for success in an ever-evolving market. Remember, diversity isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. By prioritising it with the same dedication and innovation you apply to all other aspects of your business, you can transform your dealership into a powerhouse of talent and a beacon of inclusivity in the community. So, buckle up, put diversity in the driver’s seat, and watch your dealership reach new heights of success.

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