Job market analysis – We tracked job ads from 900 dealerships and this is what we found

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Despite most of 2020 being a bit of a ‘dumpster fire’ of a year, we are starting to see a recruitment bounce-back from our industries.

We’re seeing more and more Truck, Farm Equipment and Construction/Earthmoving dealerships advertising for staff in the market – a key sign that confidence is starting to return to the industry.

For the last six months, we’ve been tracking job advertisements on major job boards for around 900 companies in our industries in Australia and New Zealand. From our data, the end of March and most of April was by far the worst time during the Pandemic in terms of the quantity of job ads. The daily average during this period was just 8 per day. It grew steadily in May and June, but fell slightly again in July during the worst of Melbourne’s second wave.

With the infection rate in Australia and New Zealand stabilising, August thankfully saw a return to near pre-COVID levels of job ads at an average of nearly 40 per day. This means confidence is improving in the market and there is an increasing demand again for experienced dealership staff in Australia and New Zealand.

We hope to see the continued improvement of confidence across the sector and will be monitoring closely to deliver more results in the coming months.

Teamrecruit performance

With the increased job activity in the market, Teamrecruit has seen a boost in all our key metrics during August (compared to the monthly average for Jan – July 2020)

  • New jobs increased 136%
  • Job applications increased 44%
  • Screened candidate submissions to clients increased 45%
  • Candidates interviewing with clients increased 52%

Our candidate database is also growing, with over 6,000 industry candidates now registered with us and our extended network through social media is now over 25,000. We are seeing a lot more top-quality candidates becoming interested in new opportunities, so be sure to check out recent active candidates listed on our website (updated every two weeks).

One interesting trend we noticed in August was the resurgence of the Parts department with 15 new assignments for the month! Throughout most of 2020, it seemed very few dealerships were seeking new Parts Interpreters and Parts Managers. The increase in jobs has also rustled up candidate interest, with a number of experienced Parts staff now on the lookout for new opportunities, so reach out to Tony Flynn for more information.

Teamrecruit is Australia’s most established recruitment agency specialising in truck, earthmoving and agricultural machinery dealerships in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Find out more about Teamrecruit and how we support employers and candidates in the dealership industry.

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